5 Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know
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5 Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

As a teenager and into my twenties I’ve come across “beauty secrets” that come in handy a lot more often than I’d like to admit. Some of these pieces of advice were given to me by friends, others I learned from fashion magazines. In any case, these tips have become invaluable to me in times of beauty emergencies. I would hope most women already know these secrets, but in case you don’t, I’ve put together this list. I would hope you use these secrets in times of “need” and pass them along to others.

1. Go Green to Reduce Redness

When you’re stuck with an unfortunate red spot on your face, whether it’s a blemish or a birthmark (or if you’re lucky, a hickie!) the answer is simple. Just use a little green make-up to help neutralize this redness or pinkness. The color of green actually tones down the red. You just need to dab on a little green make-up before putting on your regular foundation. You can actually find some skin-colored concealers that come with a green option just for this purpose. As long as it’s not shimmery, you could also try brushing a bit of green eye shadow onto your blemish before applying foundation.

2. No Time to Shower? Baby Powder!

This advice is especially for women who find that they simply cannot go a day without washing their hair for one very annoying reason: their hair is too oily. Some women have found they can skip a day without washing their hair. Others find they actually benefit from skipping a day. But then there are the rest of us that seem to have an oil faucet leaking at our scalps! The solution? Baby Powder. Sprinkling a bit of baby powder on the areas where your hair is the oiliest will combat that oil. However, this is a highly imperfect solution. First, it can make you smell like baby powder. Second, you need to be careful to not to get it on your clothes, which is hard to do when you’re sprinkling it on your head. And third, you really need to work at spreading it around on your head otherwise you’ll look like you’ve got a sudden gray patch of hair. So, this is good advice to follow at times, but still doesn’t compare to a head of freshly washed hair.

3. Earring Mishap, Eraser Back

This one is super simple. If your earring falls off because the back has fallen off and gotten lost, all you need to do is rip the eraser off the end of a pencil and use that as your earring back. It works perfectly. The only downside is if you don’t happen to have pencils around you.

4. Tame Runaway Nylons with Hairspray

I would hope most women know about the best way to stop a nylon rip in its tracks. Clear nail polish does a fabulous job of “freezing” a run in its place, keeping it from getting larger. The only problem is that most of us don’t carry clear nail polish around with us. But we usually do have hair spray. Spray some hair spray on that nasty run and you’ll see that run will keep from getting any bigger. (You know, in this day and age you’d think someone could’ve invented a pair of nylons that never run!)

5. Use White to Wake Up

This is the tip I got the most recently – in my twenties – from one of the reporters of an Entertainment news program. If you find yourself looking extra sleepy, like your eyes just want to be shut, then brush on a bit of white eye shadow directly onto the edge that is just below your eyes. I’m talking about the area just above your lower lashes. Sometimes this causes a slight eye irritation for me, but it’s just a slight feeling that goes away after a few minutes. And I’ve found it does make my eyes look a bit bigger, like I’m more alert than I feel.

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Comments (2)

Hey eraser. I actually did this back in high school!

this is so practical! i never knew these stuff, except the last tip.