5 Simple Home Remedies To Increase Breast Size
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5 Simple Home Remedies To Increase Breast Size

Many women are unhappy about their breast size; small breasts make them feel less attractive. Simple home remedies can help increase your breast size without any side effects.

 Breast size is one of the major factors that influence a woman’s self esteem and her perception of feminine charm. Many women suffer from acute depression because they find their breasts are too small. Owing to the fact that cosmetic surgery and implants come with a number of ugly side effects, women are always on the lookout for safer and preferably non-invasive methods to have fuller and more beautiful breasts.

Fortunately, there are a number of simple and within-your-reach types of home remedies that can help you increase your breast size within a very short time, without any harmful side effects.

1. Red lentils (Lens culinaris) – soak about 15 grams of red lentils in lukewarm water for about 2 hours or until it becomes soft. Grind the softened lentils to fine paste. Take this paste and apply it to your breasts for 20-30 minutes or until it is completely dried. Do not massage your breasts with this mix; just apply it and leave it there until it dries. This will enhance the size and firm your breasts up as well.

2. Breast enhancing herbal oil – Take 9 drops of geranium (Geranium dissectum) essential oil and 16 drops of Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) and add this mix to a base of about 50 ml of almond oil. Take this oil and gently rub it in your breasts through gentle anti-clockwise massage twice a day for about 30-60 days for best results. You will find your breast size increases in a most delightful manner.

This massage has a good spillover effect; this breast massage also affects the menstrual cycle. The menstrual blood flow will be reduced drastically; there will be little or no trace of the dreaded PMS, and you will experience extra sensitivity on and around your nipples during your intimate moments.

3. Breast enhancing hand (own hands) massage – massaging is a great way to increase the breast size. What you have to do is take out time twice a day, when you are alone and relaxed completely. Take a hot water bath and start massaging your breasts first clockwise, and then anti-clockwise. The massage should be gentle, without touching the nipples, which by now would be overly sensitive. Continue with the massage for 20-30 minutes every day and you will see a drastic change within about 40 days.

4. Herbal Mix as given in the book of Dr James A Duke, who authored the book, “The Green Pharmacy” – take two cups of water and mix into it about 5-6 tablespoons of fenugreek [Trigonella foenum- graecum] seeds. For flavoring – for this mix has a very pungent odor – take any two of the following spices – licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra], caraway (Carum carvi), anise (Pimpinella anisum) and fennel (Foeniculum vulgare).

Boil the mix thoroughly, until the original quantity of two cups is now only one cup. Add a dash of lemon juice and/ or honey to add some taste to the horrible mix. Drink this mix twice daily in doses of 1-2 cups. You will observe a good change in your breast size once you complete 30-40 days of treatment.

5. Herbal Mix for massage – the same mix (as mentioned above) is an exceptional type of oil for breast massage. Trusted for thousands of years, the fenugreek concoction needs to be massaged gently into the breasts for about 30 minutes twice daily. Do this for just one month and see the results yourself.

Exercises that can Increase Breast Size

In addition to the above home remedies, there are exercises that can also increase a women’s breast size. The following exercises can help increase the breast size.

Pushups: Simply doing pushups can increase a women’s breast size. Not only do pushups increase the breast size, they are a good exercise to flatten the stomach muscles and increase the core muscles of your body. If you cannot comfortably do traditional pushups, you use kneel on your knees and pushup in that position. When just starting out, it can helpful to have a friend help you with pushups.


Wall Pushups: These exercises are also an excellent way to increase breast size and your arm muscles. Simply place both your feet away from a wall. Then lay your palms on the wall and bend your arms, like doing push ups.

Using dumbbells: Not only will dumbbells increase breast size, but also increase your biceps, and that is sexy also. The dumbbell fly is one exercise you can try. While holding on firmly on the dumbbells, stretch out both arms which should be parallel to the floor. Then the dumbbells are to be lifted over you lowering your arms to their position.

Using an exercise ball: An exercise ball is an excellent tool to use to increase breast size. This exercise is not going to be easy, but it works the most out of your pectoral muscles. With your palms on the floor, elevate your legs up by using the edge of a sofa or a swiss ball. Depending on the difficulty you can handle, you elevate higher if you can take more challenge. Lower yourself slowly to the floor, and then push yourself up again.

Pressing your hands together: Something as simple as standing or sitting and pressing your hands together. Press together and hold and release, and then repeat. You can also use a small exercise ball to do this and you will feel the pressure as your muscles increase.

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Comments (11)
Suzana Sally

You should note that that breast enlargement pills are just one of the effective ways toincrease breast size. In addition to pills, there is also breast enlargement cream, serum and exercises, that I will cover later. It certainly is breast massage

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Exercises can be done to enlarge the breasts as well. It is the cheapest and most natural way to enlarge them. It does require a lot of dedication to get this method to work though. One of the most popular breast exercises is a push up. Start doing 10 per day then gradually increasing the amount you do as you get stronger.

Another exercise regime that can be followed is to stand facing the wall at an arm’s distance. By placing the palms on the wall, put pressure on the wall as if pushing. Do so without bending the arms at the elbow, and for eight counts. If this exercise is repeated 10-20 times a day, it is known to assist the growth.

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