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61 Tips for Getting Fair and Glowing Skin at Home Naturally: Home Remedies for Smooth and Glowing Complexion

If you want to get fair skin with softness and glow ,then read this article to get 61 tips for getting smooth and glowing complexion. You can follow one of these 61 home remedies to get the desired fairness, and softness.

1. Apply banana with milk on your face,  and neck . Try this home remedy as a beauty tip to get fair , smooth ,and glowing skin naturally.

2. Apply honey for 15 minutes. Honey can be used with curd, liquorice,  or lemon also for getting soft, fair,  and glowing complexion .Follow this beauty tip daily to replenish moisture in your skin naturally at home.

3. Apply bread crumbs with malai(milk cream) to get fair , and smooth skin which glows from within.

4. Potato or tomato alone is a good bleach for your skin. Use this beauty tip daily.

5. Soak up  sunflower seeds(chirongi) in raw milk overnight ,and grind them . Apply with a pinch of saffron, and turmeric . This  home remedy  as a beauty tip makes even dark person fairer, and glowing  naturally if used for a long time.

6.  Lentil, curd/milk, lemon juice, and rice mixed together become a great scrub for getting fair, soft, and glowing skin naturally. Follow this beauty tip on alternate days.

7. Apply  an egg white , and honey for 20 minutes to tighten your skin .This home remedy will give soft skin and help to retain youthful glow to your skin.

8.  Boil cabbage/cumin seeds in  the water to make you fair . Wash off your face with this water to get incandescent glow in your complexion. Follow this easy beauty tip for getting facial like glow .

9. Mango peels mixed with 1 spoon of milk can be applied on face, and neck to impart healthy glow to your face.

10.  Mix 1 spoon of sugar in the juice of 1 lemon. Scrub on your face, and body till sugar melts completely. This  home remedy is very  useful beauty tip for getting  soft, and fair skin for all over the body.

11.  Apply the mixture of corn flour, and egg white to get glowing, and fair complexion naturally at home.

12.  Massage your face with 3 spoons of  baby oil , and 2 spoon of sugar daily .Follow this beauty tip for getting baby soft skin ,and glow.

13. Apply malai/milk cream with lemon juice daily .Use this home remedy  to get irresistible smooth, fair, and glowing skin naturally at home.

14.  Use 1 spoon of milk ,1 spoon of honey, and 1 mashed papaya to get glowing, and fair skin at home naturally. Follow this beauty tip.

15.  Mix 1/4 part of an orange and ,1 spoon of curd to get soft, and glowing skin naturally at home .This home remedy is really effective as curd has lactic acid to make you fair, and orange contains AHAs  with vitamin C to nourish your skin.

16.  Apply  1/2 spoon of  cinnamon with 2 spoons of honey  to get fair, and smooth  skin naturally.

17.  Apply raw milk/milk cream to get smooth, and fair skin. Mix a pinch of saffron to enhance the effect of this home remedy .Follow this beauty tip for cleaning your face with cotton balls naturally.

18. Rub lemon on your face to get glowing ,and fair skin. You can add a pinch of turmeric in lemon juice as a beauty tip. Lemon has ascorbic acid ,which bleaches the skin naturally to make it fair at home .This  home remedy will remove the tan also.

19.  Rub orange peels with curd/milk as a home remedy to get fair, soft ,and glowing skin naturally at home.

20.  You can massage you face with almond oil , coconut oil, jojoba oil ,mineral oil, or olive oil as a beauty tip to get fair, smooth, and glowing skin naturally at home .Add a pinch of saffron in the oil you chose. Try this easy home remedy.

21.   Apply aloe-vera juice for  getting soft, and glowing skin naturally.

22.  Apply the  mixture of 2 spoons of rose water, 1/2 spoon of glycerin ,sunflower oil ,and sugar to get soft ,and glowing skin naturally at home.

23. Apply the  mixture of banana ,honey ,potato ,Bergamot essential oil for 20 minutes to remove pigmentations, and all marks from your face.Potato is a natural fairness agent.

24.  Steam your face mixing mint leaves ,lavender ,peppermint or chamomile in 2 cups of water to get dirt-free, and glowing skin naturally.Follow this beauty tip once in 15 days.Try this home remedy surely If you have acne on your face.

25. Apply gram flour or fuller's earth(multani mitti) with neem(margosa), and liquorice to clean up your face daily .Mix all ingredients with milk cream(for dry skin), or cucumber for oily skin.Try this beauty tip daily for cleaning your face.

26.  Apply corn flour/ oatmeal with cucumber juice to tighten the pores .Follow this beauty tip.

27.  Apply 2 spoons of barley flour, 1 spoon of curd, and a pinch of turmeric to scrub your face. This home remedy will give you fair,soft, and glowing skin like never before.

28.  Apply curd ,and turmeric as a beauty tip for fair, and glowing skin naturally .This beauty tip will reduce the tan.

29.   Apply almond powder ,milk cream, and rose petals together to get rose like glow, and softness in your complexion .Follow this home remedy to get fair skin regularly.

30. Apply 1 spoon of  clay powder with 1 spoon of honey  on your face .Wash off with warm water to get smooth ,and glowing skin naturally at home.

31.  Apply tomato ,and honey on your face  for getting fair ,soft ,oil-free, and glowing skin naturally at home .Follow this beauty tip for getting flawless complexion for 20 minutes.

32.  Take 250 gms of milk powder,1/2 cup of  almond oil ,and any essential oil of your choice to mix in the water you take bath .Soak up in this water to look soft ,and glowing .

33.  Use  milk, peeled almonds ,a pinch of barley flour , a pinch of turmeric, and 1 spoon of honey to get glowing ,and wrinkle free skin naturally at home.

34.  Apply lemon, and cucumber daily to get oil free, fair, and glowing complexion.

35.  Apply cucumber,and curd as a home remedy for 20 minutes for glowing, and oil free  skin naturally.

36 . Mix 1 spoon of buttermilk with 1 spoon of radish juice to reduce wrinkles, and roughness of skin . Try this beauty tip.

37. Apply sandal wood with milk as a home remedy to get glowing, smooth ,and fair skin at home naturally.This beauty tip  is helpful in curing  sunburn also.

38.  Apply raw milk with lemon juice to tighen the open pores.

39.   Apply 2 spoons of soy flour with1/1/2 spoons of curd, and 1/2 spoon honey to rejuvenate even wrinkled ,and dull skin .Follow this effective beauty tip for tightening the sagged skin.

40.  Rub watermelon for getting soft, glowing ,and fair skin naturally.

41.  Take 2 spoons of barley flour,1 spoon of honey, and  and 1/2 cup of  ripe  papaya as a beauty tip for getting soft, fair ,and glowing complexion naturally.

42.  Take cabbage juice,1/4 spoon of  barley flour, and 1 spoon of  honey as a home remedy to apply on your face to get fair ,smooth, and radiant skin naturally at home.

43.  Rub pears mixed with 1/4 spoon of lemon juice ,and tomato juice to get beautiful, and fair skin naturally at home.

44.  You can use the  powder of 2 almonds.1 spoon of carrot juice, and 1 spoon of  orange juice for 15 minutes to remove all scars , and pigmentations. This home remedy will help you in giving fair, smooth, and glowing skin.

45.  Apply apple juice with lemon juice(1/4 part of apple juice) to get glow in your skin.Try this beauty tip at home.

46.  Use amla oil(Indian gooseberry oil) mixed with glycerin as a beauty tip for soft, and glowing complexion naturally at home.

47.  Apply black gram( urad daal )with the powder of 4 almonds as a natural bleach to make your complexion fair, and soft.

48.  Apply the juice of ripe pineapple to clean your face and combat aging .Try his home remedy.

49.  Apply carrot juice with 1 spoon of honey to brighten your complexion. Wash off with the  water mixed with soda. You can add papaya in this mixture too.

50.  Dab on 1/2 spoon of almond powder,2 spoons of barley flour, and rose water to rejuvenate the dull ,and  pale skin.

51. Apply curd, and walnut powder as a home remedy to get glow in your face naturally at home.

52.  Apply 2 spoons of honey with 2 spoons of lemon juice, and powdered almonds for 1/2 hour to get fair, glowing, and soft skin naturally at home.

53.  Use the mixture of  an egg yolk ,2 spoons of almond oil, and 1 ripe banana for getting soft ,fair, and glowing skin naturally at home.

54.  Apply fuller's earth with sandal wood as a beauty tip for getting fair ,smooth, and glowing skin.

55.  Apply gram flour with curd/milk and ,lemon juice to get smooth ,fair and glowing skin naturally at home.

56.   Mix malai with 1 spoon of walnut powder ,honey, and lemon juice to scrub your face for 20 minutes. Follow this  home remedy as a beauty tip for getting soft ,fair, and glowing skin naturally at home.

57.  Turmeric mixed with orange juices works as a great scrub at home.Use this home remedy for 20 minutes to get fair, and glowing complexion naturally .

58.  Rub papaya or avocado for 15 minutes to get radiant, and glowing complexion. Follow this easy  home remedy as a beauty tip to get soft ,and glowing skin.

59.  Mix banana ,lemon juice ,honey, and margarine together to make mask at home. Leave overnight on face, hands and ,feet.Follow this  home remedy as a  beauty tip to get fair, and glowing skin naturally.

60.  Cucumber with coconut water is a great skin lightening home remdy for getting fair, soft, and glowing skin naturally .Follow this beauty tip to remove  all scars (even chicken pox scars) from the face.

61.  Boil orange peels in the water to use as a toner.

Diet-You must drink a lot of water to get fair ,smooth, and glowing complexion from within. Drink fruit juice to clear your blood. Eat apple, guava ,pears, green vegetables ,fish, eggs,nuts,oatmeal,melons , carrots ,etc. Drink milk with a pinch of saffron ,and drink amla juice daily .Take blood purifier daily.

One important tip-All home remedies are useless if you do not apply sunscreenF(SPF30) before stepping out of home.Always wear sunscreen(SPF15) even at home.

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