Aromatherapy Essential Oils: Skin Care to Prevent Aging
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Aromatherapy Essential Oils: Skin Care to Prevent Aging

Essential oils help take care of the skin, battle the undesirable signs of aging and keep it looking healthy and radiant.

One doesn’t need to fret about leaving behind the youthful bloom, if the skin is well cared for. Mature skin is something everyone has to confront one day. Aging is a normal and inevitable part of life; however, following a suitable skin care regimen, can make mature skins look brilliant too.

Anti Aging Skin Treatment

The texture, color and feel of the skin changes with age. Other factors that have a bearing on the skin are: diet, exercise, stress, environment and lifestyle. Consequently, implementing a holistic attitude to skin care will defer excellent benefits and help sustain a younger-looking skin.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Fight Aging and Provide A Younger Looking Skin

The functions of the body tend to decelerate after a particular age. Cells of the skin are not regenerated and restored as rapidly as before, and the skin is liable to sag.

Mature skin is generally typified by fine lines, jowls, crow feet, laugh lines and age spots.

Aromatherapy oils have been used for cosmetic purposes since centuries. They promise to regenerate healthy new skin cells. They re-establish vigor and influence capillary activity.

Regular skin care using essential oils reduces the speed of the appearance of the ugly and disagreeable signs of aging. Aroma oils tone drooping and flaccid muscles and bring back the radiance. These oils rejuvenate skin cells speedily and keep the skin well hydrated.

Lavender Essential Oil Revitalizes the Skin

Lavender essential oil is a great skin care product and can be incorporated in to one’s daily skin care regimen. It tones the skin, helps in promoting lymphatic drainage and toxin removal, and normalizes the sebum production. It gives a radiant glow to the skin, and helps maintain a clear and blemish free complexion.

Frankincense Essential Oil Reduces Wrinkle Formation

Frankincense is an ideal essential oil for mature skins. It slows down the course of aging and wards off its unwelcome signs efficiently. It is chiefly recommended for dry, sensitive and mature skin types. Including Frankincense in one’s everyday skin care plan, after one passes the age of 25 years is a prudent move.

Frankincense erases and checks fine lines and wrinkles, revives the skin and improves the skin’s suppleness. Prominently, the essential oil calms a stressed mind and battles emotional disturbances effectively; a major reason for old-looking skin. Frankincense quiets frayed nerves and promotes concord and peace.

An Essential Oil Recipe: Anti Aging Skin Care

This essential oil blend will help preserve the youthful and healthy skin texture, banish wrinkles and proffer a younger-looking skin.

Frankincense Essential oil 2 drops

Lavender Essential oil 3 drops

Geranium Essential oil 3 drops

Jojoba oil 20 ml

A regular facial massage using selected essential oils takes care of the skin beautifully. Also, hydrating face masks using seaweed extracts and aloe vera along with aroma oils generate noteworthy benefits.

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