Beauty 101: The Right Make-up Tools for Your Make-Up Kit
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Beauty 101: The Right Make-up Tools for Your Make-Up Kit

The trick to applying make-up perfectly is investing in the right tools. HereÂ’s a list of essential make-up tools that you need to master your beauty technique.

Make-up is only half the equation. You need to invest on the right make-up tools to execute your beauty technique flawlessly. Look for tools that feel good in the hand and provide the necessary control – those that are ergonomically-designed for fine motor skills. Remember, you’re not painting the vastness of a canvass; you’re working on a much smaller masterpiece – your face. Invest on good items that are a bit pricey. Do not short change yourself when it comes to beauty. And always, always practice in using some of these tools until you get the hang of it. Here is the list of the most essential make-up tools you need to store in your make-up kit:

Right Make-Up Tool No. 1: Bobby Pins

You need bobby pins to pull back your hair while applying make-up. You don’t want to be distracted by strands of hair sticking to your face while applying your beauty technique.

Right Make-Up Tool No. 2: Blush Brush

A fluffy, rounded shape of a brush would prevent the dreaded stripe look. The ideal brush would be the Kabuki Brush. A Kabuki brush is a makeup brush with a short flat head and a short stem. The brush head is usually rounded or flat, with a curved edge. Kabuki brushes are most commonly used to apply dry, powder-based makeup such as foundation or blush. Because of its size and shape, a kabuki brush is excellent for applying a concentrated amount of product in a strong blunt curve. These brushes are also excellent for creating all-over coverage with a natural look.

Right Make-Up Tool No. 3: Eyebrow Brush

You need an eyebrow brush to tame your brows. This will actually serve a dual purpose. Aside from working on your eyebrows, you may also use your eyebrow brush to remove excess mascara/clumps from your eyelashes.

Right Make-Up Tool No. 4: Eyelash Curler

You need an eyelash curler to maximize eyelashes by curling them upward. Think twice before throwing away a good eyelash curler. It probably just needs a rubber replacement. You need to change the rubber as soon as you see that the curler is no longer working to its full potential. Those who wear fake eyelashes may also need the assistance of an eyelash curler.

Right Make-Up Tool No. 5: Eyeshadow Brushes

Invest on a small, medium and large eyeshadow brush. The sizes are critical in applying different colors to the area between your eyebrows and eyelids where there are tricky slopes and angles. Choose a brush that is square in shape with medium length bristles for maximum control.

Right Make-Up Tool No. 6: Lip Brush

Choose a lip brush that is tapered to a point to get into those difficult corners.

Right Make-Up Tool No. 7: Sharpener

The sharpener is a necessary companion to pencils – be it lip or eye pencils. Make sure you’re sharpener is sharp and clean.

Right Make-Up Tool No. 8: Tweezers

The best tweezer is the slanted one. If you do not know how to tweeze your own eyebrows, I discourage you from investing in one, less you be tempted to use it and ruin your eyebrows – forever. It takes a keen eye to use a tweezer and to know which particular eyebrow “hair strand” to pull out. Seek a professional. If tweezing can’t be done, go to a salon for eyebrow threading.

Right Make-Up Tool No. 9: Sponges

A sponge is a terrific blending tool. A triangle-shaped sponge has the advantage of neatly getting into corners, such as the inner edge of the eyelid. Sponges can be reused with washing, depending on quality and frequency of use.

Right Make-Up Tool No. 10: Other essentials

You would need a mini mirror for spot checking; tissue for cleaning up any mess you get into, q-tips for applying the tiniest amount of make-up; and petroleum jelly as an instant make-up remover.

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Brushes by Karen

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