Beauty Benefits of Yoghurt
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Beauty Benefits of Yoghurt

Learn about the Beauty Benefits of Yoghurt and how to use yoghurt in your skin and hair care beauty regime.

Skin care products are too expensive and many of them are beyond the reach of average woman. Unfortunately, many women do not even have the time and money to look for latest revolutionary products out there. The good news is that simple yoghurt from the refrigerator is more than enough to enhance your beauty and can easily take care of your beauty problems. Read on to learn about the amazing beauty benefits of yoghurt.

Excellent Probiotic

Yoghurt can improve the balance of bacteria on your skin and in your gut. When the balance of bacteria on skin is improper, acne and related skin blemishes can dominate the skin. The skin can repair and heal itself from blemishes, when the balance is adequate. In short, level of blemishes and acne causing bacteria can be greatly reduced with the help of yoghurt.

Acne relief

Being a probiotic, yogurt when taken on the inside can effectively neutralize acne causing toxins. The level of acne causing bacteria can be reduced without reducing the level of good bacteria. Dabbing some yoghurt on to your acne prone skin can magically reduce redness and inflammation. So nothing beats the simple yoghurt to overcome the acne menace.

Boosts collagen production

There are foods that contain collagen and yoghurt is one of them. Lack of collagen simply leads to wrinkles and collagen along with keratin is crucial to maintain skin elasticity. In short, yogurt can rescue your skin from pre mature aging and damaging wrinkles.

Natural moisturizer

Mix together equal parts of honey and yoghurt and spread on to your skin. Wait for 5-10 minutes and wash with warm water. Voila! Soft and glowing skin replaces dull and dry skin.


Blend dried orange peel to granular form. Mix it with yogurt and make your own exfoliator. Apply on to skin and gently scrub your skin in gentle circular motion. Great citrus blast exfoliator from simple yoghurt and orange peel.

Excellent Hair Conditioner

Dull, damaged and brittle hair – Are these the synonyms for your hair? Simply mix two tablespoons of yoghurt, two egg whites, extract of tea and two tablespoons of olive oil and whip up the mixture for nourishing hair mask. Gently apply on to your hair and wait for half an hour. Use a mild shampoo and wash your hair in cold water.

Now you know that white and creamy natural yoghurt from you kitchen has numerous beauty benefits. So what are you waiting for? Get unsweetened version of yoghurt from your grocery store or simply prepare fresh yoghurt at home.

Beauty benefits of yogurt are really amazing. From now on simply consume yoghurt internally or apply externally to enhance your looks!

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How interesting! I did not realize the honey and yoghurt mixture combines for a moisturising effect. Vote up