Body Magic and Some Inexpensive Alternatives to Re-shape and Down-size Your Body
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Body Magic and Some Inexpensive Alternatives to Re-shape and Down-size Your Body

There are many ways to re-shape and tone your body, most of them inexpensive.

Okay, I'm slow on the draw some times. So slow, I have never heard of Body Magic until yesterday, when I read about in recently on the CNN website. Apparently it's become the biggest (no pun intended) thing going now for reshaping overweight and unshapely bodies since Suzanne Somers promoted the Thigh Master (well, that would have been in the 1990s).

Body Magic, as near as I can tell is a sort of girdle+ corset undergarment that re-shapes your body two-three sizes down (say 18 to a 14 or 12). No surgery; no Weight Watchers; no painful (and some times embarrassing moments) at the gym. Re-shaping is as a simple as getting into one of those garments (you may need help). You may also need to open the piggy bank, because I think the garments run about $140 or so plus shipping and taxes. You can also opt for reshaping your bustline or your bottom, (but wait!) there are garments for men, as well. I can see people who haven't slimmed down before their 30th or 40th high school reunions piling on to get one in order to appear as shapely as possible at the Big Event (perhaps they could yet win the heart of the football hero or the head cheerleader).

For those of us who can't afford the cost of this magic re-shaping garment, there are other well-known methods to sculpt and re-figure your body. They include:

     - Visiting the gym three times a week or more and working with a trainer, if possible, at least to start. Even walking every day (as fast as you can) is a good way to trim excess weight and improve your circulation and heart rate.

     - Dieting and eating right.  Many great weight-loss programs suit a variety of personalities and body types. Most recommend low-fat, high protein or fruits and vegetables. There are as many diets out there as Carter's little liver pills. Generally it takes a year or so to lose some weight and keep it off, but if you need help - there are diet groups and organizations to support you. Diets have a way of melting the fat off - and re-shaping your body dramatically. Take Jared,The Subway guy, as a good example.Not only did he change the way he ate, he exercised more and check out his Before and After pictures.

     - Enrolling in a body shaping class. I've heard some of these classes work "magic" over time (like a couple of months). Plus, regular attendance will help you make friends with the other people in your class facing similar weight issues - that's a bonus a single undergarment can not give you.

     - Exercising to reshape in the privacy of your home.  There are many inexpensive gadgets (the large inflated ball, small weights, a jump rope, even a hula hoop) that can help you restructure your figure for very little cost, if you are willing to work at it on your own time in your own place (especially without those walls of gyn mirrors staring you in the face).

What I like about all of the above ideas is that they contribute to your overall health, which a corset-girdle can not do, at least in my opinion.  Overweight people tend to become unhealthy over time - and no under-garment can work a heart efficiently or increase endurance.  Imagine, if for some unforeseen reason, you were wearing a re-shaping undergarment and you had to race down a road against someone who'd been exercising at the gym for a few months. Bet there would be no need to review a photo finish.

I did not mention that Body Magic is sold by distributors in a multi-level network (sort of like Mary Kay) and is becoming a hot ticket in the home-based independent marketing arena. CNN and some of the news networks covered the marketing buzz, which is where I first read about it.

Finally, no matter what anyone says, there is no magic to reshaping or reducing. In the old days, when women wanted hour-glass shapes, they wore corsets that required tight lacing (see Scarlett O'Hara). But these aren't the old days any more. If, as a country, we we're serious about decreasing obesity and the diseases it causes, we must do more to encourage a heart-healthy lifestyle, including removing soda pop from school vending machines (now happening in many states).Body Magic is one (expensive) option to down-sizing, but it's not the only one. While it might decrease your size, it can't increase your health.

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Comments (6)

Hello there... True ...what the world would have done with body magic back in the day? ... Who knows? ... All I know is I love when a good plan comes together, this is a good plan. Thank you SY for sharing it with us.

I appreciate your comments, Thomas. Here's to good plans!

I could see these Body Magic products coming in handy during weight loss plans. Sometimes we look worse before we look better depending on where the weight begins to come off first. Spanx are also a great product with plenty of slimming options.

Thanks, Molly. It's nice to be able to highlight some of the options available to people who want to slim down. Your comments are appreciated.

Ranked #27 in Beauty Tips

It is a rather expensive temporary fix and it is probably uncomfortable. Best to try and actually lose a few pounds and follow your suggestions. Nice work.

Not only that, Rae, but if you were wearing one, it might be impossible to defend against an attacker (as you did). Thanks for your comment.