Convience Store Vs. Over the Counter Makeup Review
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Convience Store Vs. Over the Counter Makeup Review

Review of when to go cheap and when to go expensive on makeup products

Times are hard that's a fact. That doesn't stop us from wanting to be beautiful every day. Beauty is one of those things we tend not to let go. While we all may love our MAC's, Cover Girl at Walgreens may also be another selection. Even if we can afford the makeup, sometimes it can be a mutual benefit to our faces and our pockets to dip and dab in different brands of makeup.

The first type of makeup that should go on your face when you wake up is NO MAKEUP! Your face should be clean from last night, but if it isn't, try a makeup wipe. Now, I recommend using an inexpensive wipe. Every expensive makeup brand offers their own types of wipes, but unless your face cannot stand oil, any makeup wipe from your local convenience store should do the job. Now if you tend to break out through the wipes at the convenience store, I suggest getting some dermatologist recommended wipes. The point is, unless you just want to buy everything but a certain brand, the cheapest makeup wipes will get the job done.

Next, the makeup user likes to use concealor. This is where I recommend going on the expensive side. First of all, you cannot try on your color at a convenience store by Wet & Wild or Cover girl. However you can do this at a Mary Kay. A trick for makeup users if they do decide to go the cheap route and buy an inexpensive foundation is to go the opposite of the color. If you get a color that is way too light, get a color that is way too dark and play the mixing game. Vice Versa if it is way too dark. However, I repeat do not combine the two different colors in one bottom. The color becomes duller when exposed to more air. You definitely do not want your face looking gray.

Power can be a neutral thing. It is easier to pick out you color at a convenience store and much cheaper than at a makeup counter. Still different colors can vary. Quality is about the same so choice of usuage is entirely up to the user depending on the brand.

The part where the budget makeup user will like is here. This is where we discuss the part you can use. Mascaras, eye liners, and eye shadow’s can be bought at the convenience store. I recommended Cover girl for mascara if you are to extend to the nearest lash. It works incredibly. More expensive mascaras from experience don’t really make much of a difference. However, you can have terrible mascara’s that are cheap! It’s as simple as this. If it’s less than $5, it’ll run.

Usually I would recommend more expensive eye shadow’s rather than the cheap ones. However, advances in the convenience store products have changed my mind. Primers are different colors to create different effects on the eye’s are now available in convenience stores that I highly recommend. Unless you are a professional makeup artist, picking up an eye shadow palette from Wal-Mart should be fine.

For the ones who love to visit the makeup counter pondering for the latest products every day. Here is one product you should always look out for. Concealor. No Wal-Mart, CVS, or dollar store can match picking out your perfect shade. Plus, since concealor is in fact suppose to be a different shade then your actually color, just pay the price and visit the makeup counter. The wonderfully painted ladies are waiting for you.

So there you have it. There are some products to hold the dollar on and some to just splurge out. Either way, less is more, and no matter what it’s the beauty on the inside that matters! Happy Painting!

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