Does My Bra Fit Correctly? How to Fit Your Bra and Look Great.
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Does My Bra Fit Correctly? How to Fit Your Bra and Look Great.

The reader will learn how to look better in her clothing without diet and exercise!

Ladies, do you walk around all day avoiding mirrors because your midsection looks like one big round balloon?  Have you lost the shapeliness and coke bottle curves you once had?  You can have those curves back and I'm not talking about doing a thousand situps or starving yourself on the latest lo carb, no sugar, no taste diet either.  You need a great fitting bra!  80% of all women wear the wrong size bra and you very well could be one of them.  The right fitting bra can do wonders for a woman's body whether it be petite or plus size or somewhere in between.

Top signs of an ill fitting bra:

1.  Your ladies and your stomach are one in the same.  There is no definition in your wonderfully curvy body because your bra isn't holding them up where they are supposed to be.

2.  Back fat.  I said it.  If the band of your bra is too tight, you will have back fat.  Most of the support in your bra should be in the band so you do want the band to be snug but not tight.

3.  If you appear to have four breasts, your the cup of your bra is too small.  It is not sexy to have more than two girls flaunting around town.  The bulging of the breasts spilling over the top of the cup or even worse from the bottom of the cup and worse still from the side of the cup is never a good idea.

4.  Always wear a wired bra.  If you don't like wire because "it pokes" your arm pit, your bra doesn't fit.  You probably need a different style and/or size bra.


Go to a great lingerie store and ask one of their bra fit experts (yes, they exist) to meaure you for the perfect fitting bra.  It takes less than one minute, you don't have to get naked, and you'll love your body all over again!  A proper fitting bra doesn't pinch, pull, gape, or buldge.  Once you get in the fitting room (do not leave the store with a bra and not try it on first), take a good look at yourself in the mirror with your current bra.  Once you find the one that feels good, put your shirt back on and look at yourself in the mirror again.  You'll never want to wear that old bra again and your bra fit expert will be in speed dial.

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