Five Effective Ways to Reduce Wrinkles
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Five Effective Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

Smart and effective tips to reduce facial wrinkles and to maintain the youthful appearance of skin. Appearance of wrinkle is a sign of fading beauty and here's how to stay away from those wrinkles naturally.

Facial wrinkles are a sign of growing old and most would be unhappy to see those increasing wrinkles in the mirror. Appearance of wrinkle is a sign of fading beauty and that is nature’s sign. Unfortunately, no one can escape from the aging signs. However, premature wrinkling of face can be avoided and the aging appearance of skin can be slowed down.

You may be just turning 25 with some early signs of wrinkles or you may be 60 fighting hard to battle with wrinkles. If you are looking for ways and means to reduce wrinkles and age gracefully, here is what you must do:

Avoid kissing the sun: That sun tan and spending a day at the beach under the scorching sun are considered a bad idea if you are keen to keep your skin beautiful and blemish free. Sun rays can cause premature skin damage and wrinkles are just one bad effect.

If you just can’t keep yourself away from the outdoor summer activity, use sunscreen. The American Academy of Dermatology website recommends that, regardless of skin type, a broad-spectrum (protects against UVA and UVB rays), water-resistant sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30 should be used year-round.

Mind your facial gestures: Watch your facial expressions as simple facial gestures repeated often can cause wrinkles. Do you have the habit of frowning or squinting to see things? Express your displeasure and deep thought without contracting the brow. If you squint to read, get your eyes checked. When you are outdoors in the sun, use sunglasses to avoid straining to keep eyes open. Some simple steps can go a long way in preventing premature wrinkles. Overworked facial muscles can cause wrinkles and little care can go a long way to keep them at bay.

Stop smoking: Smoking and exposure to passive smoking accelerates the normal aging process of the skin. The heat from the puff of smoke along with irritation around the eye area causes frequent squinting. Smoking narrows blood vessels on the outer layers of the skin. This in turn affects oxygen circulation and transport of nutrients. The effects of smoking on skin may not be visible immediately, but could gradually damaging collagen and elastin (two connective tissue that adds elasticity and softness for a smooth skin).

Moisturize: As we age, the skin produces less oil and skin appears dry. So it is essential to apply moisturizers externally. Applying moisturizers soon after bath on a daily basis helps them to be absorbed better into the deeper layers of skin. A word of caution in selecting moisturizers - Use only hypoallergenic moisturizers .

Make-ups: Do you dab on layers of make-up? Make-ups can accelerate wrinkling process if left on your skin during night time. Allowing the skin to breathe during night time is crucial. Additionally, foundations can highlight wrinkles and it is best to avoid foundations below the eyes and to stick with loose powder for a better wrinkle free appearance.

Special skin care tips can go a long way in reducing older looks than your biological age. Do not let the natural and youthful glow of your face fade away!


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