Hand Care: How to Make Your Hands Beautiful and Sexy
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Hand Care: How to Make Your Hands Beautiful and Sexy

Tips for sexy, beautiful hands. How to Make Your Hands Beautiful and Sexy. Hand Care Tips.

Generally hands are the most visible parts of your body just next to the face. Yet many among us do not take care of the hands the way they look after the face. It is true that hands age much more quickly than the face. The delicate and thin skin back of the hands shows the signs of ageing more prominently than the face. In addition, many women who do the regular household work and gardening, develop the dark spots and sunspots on the hands. You must take note that hands are the most used and probably most roughly used parts of the body. So, it is no wonder that your hands look bad as the skin of the hands start to lose its glow and softness. But the surprising factor is this that yet hands are very much visible and mostly in bad state, many of us do not think of taking care of the hands properly. Unfortunately, they often taken for granted and mostly neglected.

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But it is probably true that some women who neglect the hand care and other who want to take care of their hands must be very eager to know how to make your hands soft, beautiful and sexy! The fact is this is very much possible. Not only for the young women- who lost glow of the skin by any reasons- but also for the older women- who have signs of ageing on the skin of the hands- there are ways to make your hands soft, beautiful and sexy!

Make Hands Look Younger- Ways to Make Your Hands Beautiful and Sexy

One of the most basic things you can do is manicure. By doing this you’ll take care of your hands, arms and nails as well. Manicure is a good thing to do as it prevents peeling, splitting and cracking of hands and nails.

It is important to get rid of dead skin cells or flakes. That’s why exfoliation is very important. This is a very important part of any skin care regime. So exfoliate the skin of your hands to make it soft and smooth.

Use good sunscreen to cover the back of your hands. Sun blocks are extremely to protect the skin from the sun. Sunlight causes wrinkles and discolorations (sun spot) on the skin.

Use good moisturiser and before going to bed every night apply it on your hands. But make sure you’ve washed your hands properly.

Use mild soaps and cleansers to clean dishes. It is also a good idea to wear gloves while doing dishes. The point is to save your hands from harsh chemicals.

Do not bite your nails. This is not only a terrible habit but also makes your hands and nails look awful! Also, if you have any have any kind of injury on your hands and nails then treat quickly. Funguses on the hands or nails don’t make you beautiful or attractive!

Natural Hand Care Tips

You can apply almond oil and olive oil on your hands. These are very helpful to make your hands smooth and soft.

Mix of olive oil & lime juice and the mix of lemon juice, milk cream & glycerine- both these two mixtures are very good for the hands.

Mixture of orange juice & honey is good for softening your hands.

Cocoa-Butter hand cream is very good to make your hands soft and beautiful.

You can apply the mixture of rose water and glycerine on your hands and rub it to clean skin.

Cucumber juice is very good for the skin. You can replace glycerine with cucumber juice and apply the mixture of rose water and cucumber juice on the hands to clean the skin.

Washing the hands with vinegar and lemon juice is also a good idea.

Mix 1 tablespoon of almond oil and 1 cup of softened butter, massage it and apply it on your hands and leave it for few minutes then wash it off.

These are some conventional and natural tips to make hands look younger. Try these and you’ll get beautiful and sexy hands that you desire.

These are some conventional and natural tips to make hands look younger. Try these and you’ll get beautiful and sexy hands that you desire.

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Comments (3)

my hands dont look beautiful or sexy.. they look like they belong on a girl that isnt afraid to get dirty or pick up sheep poop!! Yeah ME!


Thanks very much for such valuable knowledge

Very interesting for me as I have very dry skin, extra tip I wear cotton gloves overnight after applying masses (!) of hand cream. Thanks for the additional facts I hadn't heard of.