Home Made Cleansing Cream
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Home Made Cleansing Cream

Home made natural face cleansers are easier to make. It is as eye makeup remover also.

Cleanser are used not only to lift the dust, but also to remove stale make up. Soap and water cannot clean this make up as it has waxy base in them. So skin cleanser is required. Facial cleanser is generally applied with an upward movement and kept on the skin for about half minute so as to dissolve the make up and then it is removed with a tissue or damp cotton wool. The dirt and the stale make up coarsens the skin and clogs the pores of the skin causing black heads.

Baby Cleansing Cream


Bee Wax ----- 1/2 Tsp

Emulsifying wax( Petroleum Jelly)---- 1 Tsp

Baby Oil ----- 4 Tsp

Coconut Oil --- 2 Tsp

Water ----- 2 Tsp

Borax ----- 1/4 Tsp

Witch Hazel --- 1 Tsp

Perfume --- 3-5 Drops

Preparation : Waxes and oil are mixed in an enamel bowl and melted slowly in a pan of boiling water. In a sepArate bowl water and borax are heated until the borax is completely dissolved. When the solution cools down Witch Hazel is added. Now mix the Ingredients together without heating and add few drops of perfume and stir it well until the Ingredients thicken as it cools.

Rose Water Cleansing Cream


Bees wax or white paraffin wax --- 1 1/2 Tsp

Emulsifying wax ( Petroleum Jelly) -- 1 Tsp

Mineral oil --- 4 Tsp

Borax --- 1/2 Tsp

Perfume --- 3-5 Drops

Preparation :Waxes and oil are melted together and at the same time borax and water is heated separately until all are completely dissolves. Heating is stopped in both bowls and borax water contents is added and the content is stirred well until a white cream starts to form. Few drops of rose oil is added and beating of the mixture is carried out until it thickens.

Cucumber cleaning cream


Bees wax --- 3 Tsp

Coconut Oil --- 4 Tsp

Mineral oil or olive oil --- 4 Tsp

Borax --- 1/2 Tsp

Cucumber juice --- 4 Tsp

Perfume --- 3-5 Drops

Preparation : Oils and waxes are melted over a pan of boiling water. Cucumber juice and borax is heated separately in a bowl until borax completely dissolves. Heating is stopped in both bowls and the Ingredients are mixed together and stirred until mixture thickens. The prepared mixture is kept in fridge as Cucumber juice decays outside.

Violet cleaning cream


Lanolin --- 1/2 Tsp

Petroleum Jelly --- 1 Tsp

Mineral oil --- 4 Tsp

Water --- 10 Tsp

Violet extract --- 5 drops

Preparation : Oils and water are heated separately. After heating is stopped in both bowls Ingredients are mixed together and stirred until mixture thickens. This Violet cleaning cream can also be used as a body coolants.


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