How to Look Younger Than Your Years
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How to Look Younger Than Your Years

A beauty consultant shares tips on how to look 10 years younger than your years.

There are no ugly women.  Only women who do not know how to look pretty.  With the number of products all proclaiming instant beauty, how can woman of today afford to look otherwise?

Care for aging skin

It is a common belief that wrinkles are an inevitable result of the aging process.  This, however, is not entirely true says a skin expert.  Although the skin is affected by the passage of time, more than fifty percent of skin changes are not associated with aging but with photo damage says a dermatologist.  The skin exhibits certain changes as a person ages.  Furthermore dermatologists revealed that as the person grow older it loses it's elasticity.  The skin's ability to retain moisture and to repair itself diminishes.  The effects of habitual facial expression start to show and with gravity exacerbating the condition, the skin loosens and starts to sag.

How do you look young?  A beauty consultant share ways how to look ten years younger:

Tips on how to look younger than your years:

  •  Color your hair.  Almost all women agree that gray hair makes you look old.  Beauty experts recommend two options:  Coloring your hair close to your natural color, or adding highlights especially around the face for optimum flattery.


  • Get a great haircut.  A good hairstyle makes a woman look younger.  If you can wear bangs, by all means go ahead.  Bangs are not only youthful, they are also great for hiding forehead lines.
  • Go easy on makeup.  Believe in the saying, "Less is more."  Opt for neutral shadows, natural looking blushers, light foundations and bright lipsticks.  Do not underestimate the power of professional makeover.  At least for the first few times it is great learning experience to be in the hands of experts.


  • Take great care of your skin.  For a fabulous complexion, follow there basic tips from a beauty consultant:  Wear a sun block the whole year round; always apply a good moisturizer and eye cream before bed; go for a facial wash and always remember that smoking wreaks havoc with your skin.

  • Apply a whitening lotion on your skin.  According to researchers whitening lotion won't actually whiten your skin.  Instead they lighten freckles, dark scars, sun spots and other areas of uneven pigmentation so your complexion looks less splotchy.  Some lotions are apply directly to the dark spots while others on all over your face.  This does not whitens your face overnight.  You will notice a change after four to six weeks of twice- daily use.  The new lightened skin surface as the old cells peel off.
  • Apply a concealer.  Concealers come in a variety of forms like sticks, pencils and creams.  When using creams, you can use your fingertips to apply.  Make sure that you pat the concealer on.  Never rub or wipe it on your face says a beauty consultant.  A concealer brush is needed when you want to be subtle especially when covering up tiny blemishes such as zits.  When used to cover dark circles under the eyes, a concealer also works wonders.  Dark circles usually develop from all night study sessions- or long hours working in a class assignment.  Use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation when you are using both at the same time. Make sure that the concealer also matches your skin tone.  Otherwise you will end up with light marks on your face.
  • Exercise.  Do sit-ups everyday.  Get the benefits of a leisurely walk and it is an exercise at the same time.


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