How To: Makeup
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How To: Makeup

a how to makeup guide, step by step guide to applying makeup and the correct use of makeup. Learn how to apply makeup properly. How to apply makeup.

Makeup is an art, but can be easily learned with just a little practice and a little time. . Most women look and feel better when they put on some makeup, it helps them to feel more confident and sometimes gives them the lift they need to go out and face the world.  

This guide will teach you step by step how to makeup your face like a professional, but will also keep it natural for daytime. My follow up guide "How to: Makeup 2, will show how to add to this look to take it from daytime to evening and create a stunning effect in minutes. 

Follow this guide to learn how to do makeup beautifully. Please note: you may have to invest in a small makeup brush set, but the results will be well worth it. 

Tools you will need for the application of Makeup:

You will need the following makeup brushes; 

*  a flat eyeshadow brush

*  a tapered oval brush (eyeshadow)

*  a small rounded blending brush

*  a brow brush

*  a large, fluffy powder brush

*  a blusher brush

*  a concealer brush

*  a sponge for foundation

*  a lip liner brush

Makeup needed to create your look

*  Concealer (choose a colour one shade lighter than your skin tone)

*  Foundation (choose a colour the exact match of your skin tone)

*  Face Powder

*  Blusher

*  A trio of Eyeshadows; light, medium and dark (neutrals such as browns are good and suit most people)

*  A black or dark brown mascara

*  A eyebrow pencil to suit your colour (brown, black, blonde)

*  Lipstick and/or lipgloss

Application of Makeup:

1.  Apply a small amount of moisturiser to your face and neck, allow to dry

2.  Apply concealer to under eye shadows, any red areas and cover up any blemishes, blend well

3.  Apply a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand, dip the sponge in and apply to face and neck

4.  Apply more foundation if necessary, but aim for a natural look

5.  Blend foundation over face and neck until you can see no harsh lines, or marks where it ends

6.  When foundation is dry, apply a fine dusting of powder with large powder brush

7.  Apply blusher powder to apples of cheeks and blend in well, ensuring there are no harsh lines

8.  At this stage, if you want more colour you can add a dusting of bronzing powder

9.  Apply a mid tone eyeshadow over eyelid and into creaseline/socketline

10. Apply a deeper shade to outer edge of eyelid and smudge a little into socket line and blend well with clean blending brush

11. Apply two coats of mascara in dark brown or black

12. Check eyebrows and fill in any spaces with a medium/dark brown pencil and brush through

13. Apply a fine lip line in a natural colour to the outline of your lips and fill in with lipstick, using a fine lip brush

14. Optional:  Add a touch of lip gloss

Points to remember for a perfect Makeup:

*  Always blend - it's the secret to natural looking makeup

*  Always choose a foundation close to your natural skin tone, a darker foundation makes you look older, any colour should be added to your skin through blusher and bronzer, this gives a glamorous and natural look

*  Keep brushes and sponges clean (rinse in warm, soapy water then rinse and leave to dry)

*  Keep pencils sharpened

*  Use good cosmetics that last (there are some cheaper brands that are good, so shop around)

You should now look perfectly made up, yet natural looking. The secret is to blend  the colors together until you can't see any harsh edges or lines of colour. As a finishing touch and to help makeup last longer, spray lightly with some Evian water (or similar). You can buy a small cannister of spring water from pharmacies and good cosmetics stores. The spray water lasts for ages and helps to set makeup in warm conditions. Only thing left for you to do now is relax enjoy the compliments!

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I will try your tips! Thanks for sharing a, I love this!

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Thanks for your comment Ann, will continue to read and enjoy yours too :)