How to Plump Up Thin Lips
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How to Plump Up Thin Lips

Now that you've learned how to get soft, kissable lips, I bet you're wondering how to plump them up, as well. Unless, of course, you're blessed with an already plumped up pouter, in which case, the rest of us are jealous, and lucky you! If you aren't one of the chosen few, here are some tips on getting those irresistably plump, and supple lips.

  • Exfoliate! I emphasized this is my other article on how to get soft, kissable lips, but the action of exfoliating stimulates blood flow and will have your lips looking plumper.
  • Use a plumping lipstick or gloss. Victoria's Secret has one that I really like. A tingling sensation will warm your lips, and after a few minutes, they really do look more luscious. Some of them contain cinnamon, and other spices to activate that tingling sensation. This is the agent that causes your lips to swell up, stimulate blood flow, and usually lend a deepened pink or red tint to your lips, completely unrelated to the color of the gloss.
  • Apply lip gloss in the center of your lips, on both top and bottom. This works with light to create the illusion that your lips are plumper than they actually are.
  • Avoid very dark lipsticks. This will only make the thin nature of your lips stand out even more.
  • Keep your lips moisturized regularly. Putting on lipstick over cracked, dry lips will emphasize their thin shape, and the lipstick clinging in the cracks will make them look even drier as well.
  • Apply either Niacin or concentrated cinnamon leaf oil to your lips. Both are known to make your lips appear more full. Try mixing them with a lip balm if you're nervous about their potency.

These are just a few tips to help you get the lips surrounding your grin gorgeous. Remember, the key component to all beauty is the confidence to carry it out.

Good luck with these tips, and get ready to pucker up!

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