How to Reduce Pain While Tweezing or Shaping Eyebrows
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How to Reduce Pain While Tweezing or Shaping Eyebrows

Tips to reduce pain and redness, while plucking, tweezing or shaping eyebrows.

Shaping eyebrows can often involve pain, redness and skin irritation. Depending on how much hair you need to target while shaping your eyebrows, you might choose to either thread them, wax them or pluck them using tweezers. If you happen to have sensitive skin, the very process of shaping eyebrows may not be all that bad, but what follows it can be quite uncomfortable. Women with sensitive skin can suffer from issues, which can range from minor redness, itchiness to an outbreak of rashes.

Many of us pluck or tweeze eyebrows at home. By following a few simple steps, you can reduce the discomfort involved in shaping eyebrows to a large extent.

Here are a few tips to help reduce pain and redness, while plucking, tweezing or shaping eyebrows.

1. Place the pair of tweezers you plan to use in the freezer for about 15 minutes, before you begin tweezing eyebrows. The idea here is that when you tweeze eyebrows using cold tweezers, it numbs the pain (when it comes in contact with the skin.)

2. Apply a tiny amount of mint/white toothpaste on the eyebrows, while the tweezers are getting cold in the freezer for those 15 minutes. 

Applying mint toothpaste for 15 minutes helps in two ways. Firstly, leaving the mint toothpaste on like this numbs the area to be tweezed. Secondly, as the toothpaste dries for those 15 minutes, the paste thickens. Thus, it gets that much easier to grip the finer unwanted eyebrow hair. This in turn means that you will get a much cleaner finish, once you are done shaping eyebrows.

3. Once you are done tweezing eyebrows, wash with cold water and pat dry. As a general rule, don't ever rub your skin while drying it. This needs to be kept in mind, especially when it comes to hair removal. Hair removal from roots is traumatic to the skin. So avoid rubbing your skin and causing more irritation.

4. If your skin is sensitive, you have a higher chance of getting skin rashes and redness. To minimize this, it is advisable to rub ice over the tweezed area. Note here that you need to rub the ice cube gently, in circular motions. Don't hold it in one place for too long.

5. Finish off, by applying a few drops of moisturizer and massaging the area gently. Aloe based moisturizers work very well, when it comes to reducing redness and skin irritation.

By following these 5 simple steps, you can reduce the discomfort involved in plucking, tweezing or shaping eyebrows for sure.

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Comments (14)

Great tips Rox B, this job is the bane of my life !

Well for heavens sake, what great tips. been doing this my whole life and didn't know this.

Gr8 one. I think I need to tell this to my beauty parlor lady.

These are GREAT tips!

Great to find the tips, Just like Anu here, I too wish to tell this to my Parlor Lady. thanks.


I tweeted this article on Twitter :o)

It's something I don't do but it's interesting to know. ^_^

Excellent tips, it's great to have you back writing, Ch...

I would have never thought of toothpaste! What a great idea. I am so used to plucking, that it doesn't hurt me anyway.

I avoid pain altogether by not doing it (hides) but those tips could almost tempt me into doing something with them!

This is a fantastic group of tips!! I'd never thought of putting my tweezers in the freezer (oh, rhymes!) or using toothpaste! That's ingenious! I am one who gets not only redness but puffiness for a couple of hours after plucking and it's really quite sore when doing, so I'm so glad to have read this :D Voting this marvel up ;o)

Neat tips. Promoted.

Returning to award you a much deserved vote up.