The Art of Choosing the Best Eyeshadow Color to Suit Your Eyes, and Eyeliner
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The Art of Choosing the Best Eyeshadow Color to Suit Your Eyes, and Eyeliner

Read this article so you can learn the basics about the best eyeshadow color to help make the most of the color of your eyes, and tips on choosing eyeliner.

When choosing eyeshadow it can be tempting to plump for colors you like best, rather than those which actually suit you. The best eyeshadow for you will compliment your eye color rather than simply being one you like the look of.

Best eyeshadow colors for blue eyes

If you have blue eyes, contrary to the belief of some, the best eyeshadow color for you to use is not blue to bring out the beauty of your eyes. The most suitable colors are salmon, sandy beige, mid brown and fawn. This will help you create a sophisticated appearance, rather than looking tacky or brash.

Best eyeshadow colors for green eyes

Rose pink, maroon, mauve and purple will look great next to your eye color. For a more subdued appearance you can also wear similar colors to individuals with blue eyes, such as salmon and medium brown.

Best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes

To bring out the best in brown eyes wear sage green eyeshadow, or olive for a professional look. You can also wear just about any shade of blue through the spectrum.

Best eyeshadow colors for grey eyes

People tend to forget grey eyes when giving advice about eyeshadow colors, and lump grey eyed people in with those with blue eyes. However people with grey eyes can wear similar colors to that of blue eyes, but also slightly warmer colors too, such as warm pink and shades or terracotta and plum.

One of the best ways to choose eyeshadow colors to wear is to avoid those which are similar to your eye color, and adopt those which are opposite, or close to opposite on the color wheel. These will help bring out the color of your eyes.

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Eyeliner color

Most people wear either black or brown eyeliner, but there are variations in tone, and more colourful varieties such as green or blue. Black eyeliner can look severe, especially if you have pale skin and eyes, however it can also make your eyes show up really well.

Brown eyeliner tends to look more natural while giving definition, and works best when dark brown mascara is worn, rather than jet black. There are various types of eyeliner, from liquid to kohl. The latter is softer and can be blended at the edges, whereas liquid eyeliner is harsh and bold. Which you wear will depend on your preference, mascara color, skin tone and where you are going.

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