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Ways to Perk Up Your Life

We all could use a little pick me up from time to time.

Do you look in the mirror and find yourself being over critical? Get out of the habit of issuing negative statements about yourself when you look in the mirror. If you have a mole or scar on your face you can chose to either look at it as a flaw or the memory of an accident. Try to take in these attributes as you would for a dear friend or child. Making a positive statement about yourself goes a long way toward healing.

A bit of color added to your accessories in the way of a new necklace or scarf can light up your face and your mood. Not sure what color to chose to add to your wardrobe? Chose something blue. If your complexion is cool (it has a more pinkish cast next to a piece of white paper), try icier blues or aquas. And if your skin tone is warm (it looks yellow-orange ), choose royal blues.

Doing something nice for someone else can perk up your mood as well. When you take the time to say something nice to a co-worker or family member it makes you feel good and them also. The exchange will give you both a warm feeling that can last will feel better about the exchange, creating positive reinforcement that makes you both want to give and receive compliments more often.

Talking a walk on your lunch or a ten minute exercise period three times a day can also lift your spirits and your energy level. Stand up straight with arms back and take some slow deep breathes. A few set ups or deep knee bends can go along way in changing your mood and perking you up.

We all need to eat a substantial breakfast but a lot of times we just can’t take the time. A granola bar or piece of fruit in your purse can serve as a pick me up on the way to work and help you later in the day when you start to lose your energy mid-day. Make sure it is a healthy treat because those with extra sugar will give you a false high and minutes later you are in a slump again.

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